Three Ortho Appliances to Know About

With the right oral appliances, you can realign your teeth and craft a more beautiful smile. Oral appliances come in some different kinds, and we’d like to talk about fixed dental appliances. Braces. Braces are the most well-known fixed oral appliances, and wire braces are composed of wires, brackets and bands. Braces work by pushing… Read more »

Your Child Will Need to Wear Their Retainer Consistently to Ensure Their Teeth Remain in the Corrected Position

The orthodontic braces provided by Dr. Thomas Dowling have served an important role in helping to correct the alignment of your child’s teeth. This has been accomplished by routine adjustments that tightened the braces to gradually move their teeth into the ideal orientation. It’s important to help your son or daughter understand that this is… Read more »

Space Maintainers and Your Child

If your child lost a primary tooth in an accident or due to premature tooth decay, Dr. Thomas Dowling might recommend a space maintainer. This is an orthodontic device that is installed in children’s mouths of children to maintain the alignment of their bite while adult teeth wait to erupt from the gums. When a… Read more »

Your Child Might Need Braces to Prevent Dental Problems in Adulthood

As your child grows up their jaw structure will naturally start to expand. In time they will shed their 20 primary teeth to accommodate the 32 permanent teeth that need to serve them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes this process causes the permanent teeth to emerge at an imperfect angle. Left uncorrected it… Read more »

Invisalign® Process & Benefits

If your teeth are crooked or crowded or if you have a bad bite, you may be hesitant about wearing metal braces to straighten your smile. Luckily, there is another option available. Ask Dr. Thomas Dowling about Invisalign® in Olney, Maryland. Invisalign uses clear, unobtrusive aligners to straighten your teeth. Our orthodontist will have a… Read more »

Why More and More Adults Are Straightening Their Smiles

Do you know why more and more adults are choosing to straighten their smiles? It’s not just about appearance, although that is one factor that is causing adults to seek help for crooked smiles. Having a misaligned bite or cramped, crooked teeth can cause tooth decay and other dental health issues. At our orthodontic practice Thomas Dowling,… Read more »

Are Clear Braces a Good Choice for Your Smile Alignment?

At the orthodontic practice of Thomas Dowling, DDS, we offer clear braces for our clients seeking to straighten their teeth. Clear braces are similar to metal braces when it comes to size and shape. However, clear braces have tooth-colored or “clear” brackets to blend in naturally with your pearly whites. Also similar to how traditional… Read more »

Teeth and Gums 101: Orthodontic Braces

Does your smile need an orthodontic makeover? With orthodontic braces, your teeth can be straightened for a healthier smile that will look and function healthier. Not only can braces correct misalignments in your smile, it can help make cleaning them easier as well. Listed below are a few more benefits braces can provide. Often with… Read more »

Aspects of Braces

Malocclusion, or crooked teeth and a misaligned bite, is a common issue. Some people’s teeth come in crooked, overlapping, or crooked. This may occur when a person’s mouth it too small for their teeth, which causes crowding. Other times, a person may have upper and lower jaws that aren’t the same size or that did… Read more »

Orthodontics and Oral Hygiene

Once upon a time braces, or orthodontics were almost a rite of passage just for children and teens. In recent years, more and more adults have been getting braces to straighten their smiles. Dr. Thomas Dowling at Thomas Dowling, DDS wants you to know that no matter what your age, if you are considering getting… Read more »