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Does your smile need an orthodontic makeover? With orthodontic braces, your teeth can be straightened for a healthier smile that will look and function healthier. Not only can braces correct misalignments in your smile, it can help make cleaning them easier as well. Listed below are a few more benefits braces can provide.

Often with crooked teeth, you may find yourself with numerous aches and pains, or increased tooth sensitivity. This is because the likelihood of your teeth grinding or rubbing together is increased. This can lead to other conditions such as bruxism or even temporomandibular disorders within your jaw. Orthodontic braces work to align your teeth, so your teeth will not incorrectly rub against one another and your bite can be healthy for your jaw.

With proper alignment, not only will you smile become healthier, but it will also look drastically better. Orthodontic braces can offer you a smile makeover that can improve your self-esteem and boost your self-esteem. With a straight smile, you will find yourself smiling much more often.

If you notice signs of damage to your braces, fortunately, it can be treated. Thomas Dowling, DDS remains committed to your oral health, and you are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 301-658-7751. Stop by our dentist office in Olney, Maryland, and Dr. Thomas Dowling and our team will give you the treatment you need. We look forward to improving your smile.