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Do you know why more and more adults are choosing to straighten their smiles? It’s not just about appearance, although that is one factor that is causing adults to seek help for crooked smiles. Having a misaligned bite or cramped, crooked teeth can cause tooth decay and other dental health issues.

At our orthodontic practice Thomas Dowling, DDS located in Olney, Maryland, we have helped many adults straighten their teeth with the help of our orthodontic treatment options. Let’s take a look at how orthodontic treatment can help you avoid the following oral health conditions:

— A misaligned bite often involves difficulty biting and chewing food correctly, leaving you with digestive issues as your stomach digests un-masticated food.

— Crooked, crowded teeth are more difficult to clean, leaving you vulnerable to the effects of tooth decay and gum disease.

— Misaligned teeth and bite can result in the erosion of bone and gums over time.

— Crooked or crowded teeth can cause create difficulty speaking clearly, leaving you feeling self-conscious.

— A misaligned bite often creates problems in the jaw and jaw joints, causing jaw pain, headaches, or earaches.

— Crooked teeth can cause the tooth enamel to wear down irregularly, leaving you susceptible to tooth decay.

We offer our adult patients a variety of orthodontic treatments, such as traditional metal braces, as well as more discreet options. Do you need help aligning your smile? If so, Dr. Thomas Dowling, and our team are happy to assist you. When you consult with our orthodontist, he will help you find the right option for your needs and lifestyle. Call 301-658-7751 to learn how you can have the healthy, aligned smile you deserve!