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One of the most prevalent treatments you can get from a dentist can have a life changing effect on the lives of the people who get it don’t. Dental braces are so common today that we think nothing of it when we see them. But the reality is, they can correct a wide variety of oral problems as well as the aesthetic ones.

The first thought about braces is that they correct crooked teeth, but did you know they also fix problems like misaligned bites. They can help correct structural issues that make it difficult to eat or speak, almost as if they never happened. They are amazingly useful for correcting mouth formation issues in young children so they can grow up with healthy teeth, jaws, and self-image.

With so many positive benefits, it’s no wonder they are growing in use, especially with adult patients. Because of the new innovations in the technology, more people feel comfortable turning to this treatment than ever before. There are more options to choose from, so more people are willing to give it a try. Here are some available varieties of braces.

Traditional Metal Braces
These are the braces you have seen most of the time, probably from early childhood. These have fantastic corrective power, and are the most common type of braces Because of their design, they are probably the strongest option, and maybe even quicker in fixing dental issues.

Ceramic Braces
You might think that these are majorly different, but these use the same bracket and wire system that metal braces use. The only difference is they are made with a ceramic that blends into your teeth, reducing the visual impact that traditional braces can have. That option would make them more appealing to someone who is hesitant to get the metal braces based on appearance.

Clear Plastic Braces
These are the braces you’ve seen commercials for in the past few years. Brand names such as Invisalign® or ClearCorrect® which show adults popping them in and out easily in the commercials. They use removable clear plastic trays to gently nudge your teeth into place. They While lacking some of the corrective power of traditional braces, they make up of it in convenience and discreteness

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