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As your child grows up their jaw structure will naturally start to expand. In time they will shed their 20 primary teeth to accommodate the 32 permanent teeth that need to serve them for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes this process causes the permanent teeth to emerge at an imperfect angle. Left uncorrected it could leave your child with an awkward and unattractive smile, as well as a mouth prone to problems like dental attrition and dental fractures.

In a situation like this you should schedule a braces consultation with an orthodontist like Dr. Thomas Dowling. This outpatient appointment will help determine the severity of the misalignment with your child’s teeth while identifying the best treatment option for correcting it.

If they have significant alignment issues such as and under or overbite Dr. Thomas Dowling might recommend installing traditional braces into their mouth. This treatment process requires multiple adjustments to tension the orthodontic hardware while gradually changing the position and orientation of their teeth.

If your son or daughter feels uncomfortable with visible braces hardware in their smile, Dr. Thomas Dowling can apply a ceramic glaze to the visible braces components. This special type of dental porcelain can be shaded to match their tooth enamel to make the braces less noticeable.

If you live in the Olney, Maryland, area and your child has uncorrected alignment issues with their teeth, you should call (301) 774-1888 to schedule a consultation at Thomas Dowling, DDS.